10 years of 'normal life'

In August 2006 I was struck by a disease that was eventually diagnosed as 'neuralgia of Horton', also called 'cluster headache' and in America referred to as 'suicide pain'. I 'sat out' two of those clusters for about three months and the 'normal' neurology could not help me anymore. When the third cluster started, a colleague told me about Wu Ching Acupuncture, where I ended up in May 2007. Helga, with a combination of acupuncture and neural therapy, has 'freed' me from the disease in a few months. In retrospect, 8 August 2007 was my first pain-free day. Last August I just called Helga to thank her for the 10 years of 'normal life' that I have been able to experience thanks to her. My attempts to publicize her success in regular medicine have done little, I fear, that is why I like to point out to suffering patients the alternative that Helga might also be to them.

Anja Romein

“I wanted more rest, energy and balance in my life. Initially, I was sceptical about alternative medicine, but Helga turned out to be a medical doctor, as well as a TCM therapist. This combination of Western medical background and her alternative approach decided me. With Helga I feel completely at home, because she is genuinely interested in you as a person. Not only through acupuncture, but also because of the personal conversations with Helga, I feel much better.”

Loes Coenen

"Twenty years ago I asked you for help when I, energy-wise, had reached the bottom and conventional medicine could not do anything about it. Your treatment rapidly proved to be effective and the balance was restored, which allowed me to move on and find the quality of life again. Also the migraine, from which I had been suffering since childhood, is completely in the past."

"I am convinced that, apart from your warm and sincere engagement with your patients and your professionalism, your no-nonsense attitude makes everyone feel comfortable with you.
Helga, thank you for time and again helping me back up."

Jolande Raats

"In 2006, I first came to Helga’s practice with psychological complaints. I immediately felt at ease because of her calm, professional demeanor. After an enjoyable conversation, because that’s what it feels like, she proposed to start acupuncture treatments as well as hypnotherapy. Within 3 months, it was going so well that I did an accountancy course and started working as a freelancer."

"Since then I’ve returned to Helga, at long intervals, to remove blockades in my body. After every period of treatment, my life changed by 180 degrees. Helga, thank you for your caring dedication and sincere interest."

Patient M

I came to know Helga as a professional. Some years ago, she relieved me of my headaches after several acupuncture treatments. My husband had been suffering from periods of pain in the back for years. He wouldn’t be able to sit then, which affected his work and our holidays. He, too, was rid of his complaints after several acupuncture treatments.

Six years ago, I was diagnosed with macula degeneration. A disease for which unfortunately no cure is available yet. During daytime, I did not really suffer from it. The nights, however, were not fun. I had such tired eyes that I preferred to just sit and doze off, which in turn put me in a bad mood.

Helga proposed neural therapy. From the first treatment, I did not suffer anymore from tired eyes. I now get treated every 7 weeks. It’s not pain-free around my eyes, but my quality of life in the evening hours has increased by 100%.