Due to the discontinuation of the practice in early 2021
no more new patients are accepted.

"Better health through balance and harmony"

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM, or in Dutch often TCG) is a thousands year old medicinal approach based on a holistic view of man. Traditional Chinese therapists regard body and mind as a whole. The Chinese use five elements – water, fire, earth, metal and wood – to explain the origin of movement and change. The harmonic system formed of these elements, according to Chinese philosophy, is called ‘Wu Ching’.


Helga van der Bent-Schut (physician-acupuncturist) combines acupuncture, phytotherapy (herbal medicine), dietary advice and neural therapy for the best results. During the first visit, she will outline an overall picture of your condition. First, you fill out a questionnaire. On the basis of this information, as well as feeling your pulse and examining your tongue, the therapist makes a diagnosis. Subsequently, she will explain the possible causes of your condition. Together with you, she will then decide which treatment best fits your particular sitation.



Using Traditional Chinese Medicine and neural therapy, a wide range of conditions can be treated. From muscular pain to intestinal complaints, headaches, fertility, skin problems, stress, et cetera. Also for chronic illness, for which you have not yet found a good treatment in conventional medicine, you’ve come to the right place.

A patient: "Helga, with a combination of acupuncture and neural therapy, has 'freed' me from 'cluster headache' in a few months. In retrospect, 8 August 2007 was my first pain-free day. Last August I just called Helga to thank her for the 10 years of 'normal life' that I have been able to experience thanks to her."

Loes Coenen: "Twenty years ago I asked you for help when I, energy-wise, had reached the bottom and conventional medicine could not do anything about it. Your treatment rapidly proved to be effective and the balance was restored, which allowed me to move on and find the quality of life again."

Jolande Raats: "In 2006, I first came to Helga’s practice with psychological complaints. Since then I’ve returned to Helga, at long intervals, to remove blockades in my body."