Therapist Helga van der Bent-Schut (physician) combines acupuncture, phytotherapy (herbal medicine), dietary advice and neural therapy for the best results. During the first visit, she will outline an overall picture of your condition. On the basis of a filled out questionnaire, a first conversation and and a short examination she makes a diagnosis. Subsequently, Helga will explain the possible causes of your condition. Together with you, she will then decide which treatment best fits your particular sitation.


Acupuncture is a part of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in which the therapist places thin needles at certain points on your body. You hardly feel this. The points are on the meridians: channels in your body along which energy circulates. This way, the flow of energy is stimulated, leading to the removal of energy blockades and the restoration of balance in your body. During the treatment, the energy (‘Qi’) will start flowing again. The needles will stay in place for approximately 20 minutes.

Phytotherapy (herbal medicine)

Phytotherapy is one of the first methods that people have discovered for the treatment of illnesses. In this method, medical conditions are treated with plant extracts. This therapy is also used in conventional medicine. If you want to increase the effect of your acupuncture treatment, the therapist can also prescribe Chinese herbs from a certified supplier. These herbs can make up a shortage in your body and you use them until the balance in your body has been restored.

Dietary advice

A good balance in your diet plays an important role in maintaining your health. You can deal with conditions by changing your dietary pattern. The therapist will give you practical advice to this end, based on traditional Chinese dietetics. It will be determined whether your body processes the nutritious substances from your body correctly. Which food is good for you, depends on many factors, such as family background, prior illnesses, use of medicines and your life style. If necessary, the therapist can refer you to a specialised dietician.

Neural therapy

In addition to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the therapist can also apply neural therapy. This is a Western therapy that has been developed in Germany and Russia. Neural therapy also works toward restoring the balance and removing blockades. Instead of the needles that are used in acupuncture, injections of a local anaesthetic are given. More information about neural therapy and its possibilities can be found on the website of the Association of Neural therapy and Regulation Therapy AVIG (in Dutch).