Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM, or in Dutch often TCG) is a thousands year old medicinal approach based on a holistic view of man. Traditional Chinese therapists regard body and mind as a whole. The Chinese use five elements – water, fire, earth, metal and wood – to explain the origin of movement and change. The harmonic system formed of these elements, according to Chinese philosophy, is called ‘Wu Ching’. The elements represent a circular movement, in which one element gives its energy to the next. Every element represents aspects of life, the human body and psyche and nature. Where conventional medicine uses the treatment of symptoms as a starting point, based on where and how an illness manifests itself, TCM looks for the underlying cause of the disruption.

Yin en Yang

People are made up of Yin and Yang energy. Yin and Yang are two opposites, which have to remain balanced in order to stay healthy. Our feelings, thoughts and physical condition are the result of the interaction of these two forces. Change originates from the influence of an element on the balance between Yin and Yang. If Yin and Yang are off balance for a longer period of time, people can get ill due to changes in their environment, emotional pressure or an unhealthy life style. During the transition from not feeling well to getting ill, there is usually nothing out of the ordinary to be found. However, something is already amiss with the flow of energy. In this case, TCM also provides good treatment options to restore the balance more quickly and thereby prevent illness.